How to unzip the downloaded file?

All the products available on oneVup Digital Store are compressed (zipped) into a book format, in order to let them have a less height. The extension of these files is .zip (files are zipped), and to uncompress them you need a special program like WINRAR or 7ZIP.
In this post, we’re going to share with you PREMIUM access to WINRAR software, but also show you step by step how you should unzip correctly every file you download from our website.

extract files with winrar

So please, follow our instructions listed below:

  1. Download the PREMIUM FREE WINRAR we offer to you. Click HERE and the automatic download will start.
  2. Install the software you’ve downloaded. Inside the file, there are 2 types of installation: x32bit and x62bit. Use the one which suits your device.
  3. After installation, click RIGHT-CLICK on the file you want to uncompress (the one purchased from oneVup store) and you will be able to see the option “Extract files..”
  4. Choose the LOCATION in your laptop where you want to extract these files (uncompressed files) and type as a password: oneVup

    IMPORTANT: We remember that all files you download from oneVup Store are protected by a password. The password is: oneVup (please note that the 4th letter “V” is UPPERCASE and all other letters are lowercase).

In case you can’t fix it or still have problems, please contact our assistance.

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